WordPress and blogging work

כל השרותים ניתנים גם בעברית.

My present

That is, when I’m not lying in meadows.

The Israel Museum: English web content manager. That means I keep the content on the museum’s English website up to date and put out the monthly enewsletter.

Virtual Assistant Israel: Virtual assistant. I do things for my U.S.-based clients like put out a bi-monthly marketing-minded enewsletter, give creative and writing feedback to a client on his ebooks and setting up new WordPress sites.

Blog blog blog: I do my own blogging on a pretty consistent basis, mainly on deena.co, Times of Israel and my dating blog.

My expertise and services

Let me know which service you’d like to hear more about. Here are my main expertise:

Teaching/Lecturing: On WordPress.com, blogging, website strategy and WordPress usage


This is not a complete list.

Lecturing at WordCamp Jerusalem, the official national WordPress conference. Here is one example.

Through Shatil, teaching Ethiopian olim and then Russian olim how to use WordPress.com and blog. This has been my favourite teaching gig so far.

Training lots of clients how to use WordPress and how to blog.


I teach WordPress.com, blogging, website strategy and WordPress usage.

wordpressWordPress is very user-friendly but its richness of features, lingo and options overwhelms the best of us.

People realize WordPress is an amazing solution for their website. It is open source, built well, has an amazing dashboard for updating content and comes with tons of functions and theme options. But people also need someone to help them figure it out.

I help people understand WordPress. I help them decide if they should use WordPress.com or WordPress.org (there are two WordPresses?!). I teach people how to use the Dashboard in order to get the most out of their WordPress site, familiarizing them with all the amazing functionality WordPress (which is always evolving) has to offer.

WordPress.com: Site setup from beginning to end

This is definitely one of the most budget-friendly ways to build a professional, aesthetic and easy-to-use website. This service is perfect for organizations just starting and one-person shows like writers, photographers and artists who need a home online.

WordPress.com gives you a simple, clean, professional and user-friendly website. I help people define their website needs, choose a theme, setup the header, sidebars, menus, content, etc. and then train them to use their site so they can continue editing and creating new content by themselves.

Writing: Website content, blogging, newsletters

writingI have been writing approximately forever. I pride myself in readable writing that flows while saying what it needs to say. I can help you with your content, either by creating it, working on it together with you or editing and giving you feedback on what you’ve already got.

WordPress: Site planning, site setup

At illuminea I planned some beautiful WordPress sites and managed the design and development of them. Here are some examples:


I can work with you and your developer to set up your new WordPress.org theme. I can assist in making strategic website layout decisions.

WordPress: Site management

I can also manage your WordPress site for you. This is the important work that is often neglected, the work that shows your visitors that your site is being updated on a regular basis, motivating them to return in the future.

With my knowledge of website structure and best practice and writing and blogging, I can help you keep your website up to date, entering, editing and creating content as necessary.

How may I help you?

Please email me here or fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you soon. Thanks!

Pencil photo by nkzs.