What facebook is for – a great cartoon

This guy is such a loser and the video makes me feel like such a loser which, in my opinion, means it succeeded in doing what it set out to do.



Hitler’s rants

I LOVE this. It’s become the thing to do: To take this scene of Hitler ranting and change the subtitles so that it looks like Hitler is talking about the most random things. Check out some of them! Here is a new one about Germany losing to Spain in the World Cup just now.

Here is a youtube account that tries to put up all the Hitler rants.

Enjoy! I think it’s genius to make fun of Hitler this way though I’ve heard some people are offended by it. What do you think?

Israeli hasbara – a very funny video

Hasbara is the term used for the explaining that we do, officially or unofficially, in order to try to portray Israel in a more positive light, despite all the bad rep we often get on the news.

Many cringe at the lack of proper, intelligent hasbara for Israel. Many times, the tactics used are just painful. This video makes fun of this. There really have been times when scantily-clad women were used to try to up our ratings. Don’t underestimate the creative powers of the Israelis in charge of hasbara.

P.S. It is probably worth learning Hebrew just to be able to fully understand this video.

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