How to disable a Chrome extension… I mean plug-in

It’s a problem… It takes me half an hour every time I want to make changes to addons/plugins/extensions in Chrome. Last time I needed to make this kind of change, I discovered that my problem was with the lingo. I didn’t realize that there are extensions and plug-ins. I’d go to my extensions page but not be able to find the functionality I was looking for. This is what I’d see:

This is the page I get to when I go to the Wrench > Tools > Extensions. There are also other ways to get there.

If you’re having the same problem – that you’re looking for a certain functionality but you can’t find it, you probably also need to find your well-hidden plug-ins page. This is how you get there:

Wrench (top right-hand corner) > Options > Under the Hood > Content Settings… > Disable individual plug-ins…

Talk about confusing. But there it is. Here you can disable/enable whatever plug-ins you want.

I don’t get the difference between plugins and extensions. I mean plug-ins. But at least now I know how to access both.


Chrome, you’re so cool – drag and drop a URL from the address bar to the bookmarks bar

I just learned this about Chrome and it’s very exciting. Say you have a website open which you’d like to save to your bookmarks. Click on the address bar so that the URL is selected and then click and drag it to wherever you want in the bookmarks bar. Even folders in your bookmarks bar will open if you hover over them while dragging the URL.

Drop the link wherever you want and you’ll see it appear.

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