Fame! Jerusalem Post article about working in cafes with laptops

Check out this article that spotlights me and my colleague working at the new Tmol Shilshom work hub.

View the PDF

jpost article about laptop work in cafes august 2015

Quote from the article:

Every person I interview says they feel morally obligated to buy at least a cup of coffee when they’re working at a cafe, to justify the place they’re holding down.

On that note, Deena Levenstein, a Jerusalem-based writer and founder of the Facebook group “Things to do in Jerusalem,” says, “I’ve been 100-percent freelance for the past eight months, and I love it. But I get depressed, less productive, when I’m always at home. I’m always thinking of where to work. But I’m also uncomfortable sitting for hours in a cafe without the management’s explicit okay.”

Levenstein approached David Ehrlich, owner of Jerusalem cafe Tmol Shilshom, and received permission not only to work there on a regular basis, but to announce to her Facebook group that laptop workers may consider one of the rooms there a hub.

“More and more people are working out of cafes and hubs these days,” explains Ehrlich. “We’re not in a Viennese coffee house of 100 years ago. We’re in Jerusalem 2015, and it feels right to accommodate these customers. I think it’ll be good for business.”

Join the Jerusalem Coworking Facebook group to get more info on this topic.


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