No warning

When you’re little, no one tells you just how excruciatingly painful life is. No one tells you that throughout your years you will have to bear witness to your most loved ones being virtually stabbed by life’s trials. Why is this kept a secret? Does not every human deserve the warning?


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  1. So true… so I’m letting my kids be the guinea pigs by letting them in on this secret in their tender years.
    Just the other day I explained to my kids that the body and the heart and the mind are all connected, and that the heart and mind get aches and breaks and pains from hard things that happen in life, just like the body. And this is normal part of life but it hurts. but just like there are doctors and medicines for the body, there are ways to heal the aches and breaks in your heart and mind. But it takes time.
    Call me in 15 years and I’ll let you know the impact of this information on them :)

    1. Naomi, because this blog gets so much spam, I missed your comment! I would think that your method is at least better than the extreme shelter in which so many people raise their kids today. Please keep me updated. :)

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