What separates the optimists from the pessimists

I just read an article on inc.com that advises entrepreneurs to assume there are solutions to their problems. To me that was a revelation and it got me thinking.

My theory is that we can easily categorize ourselves as pessimists or optimists by answering one question:

When you have a problem, do you assume there is a (good, doable) solution?

Really now. Be honest, with yourself, at least.

Of course pessimists assume there are no solutions and they are surprised and skeptical when solutions arise, often wondering if the solutions presented are really any good or if everything’s going to go to hell again momentarily.

Optimists, on the other hand, assume there are solutions and usually, instead of fretting over a problem, will naturally just start looking for the/a proper solution (whether or not you believe there is more than one solution connects to your belief in fate).

Often pessimists think they aren’t pessimistic but, in fact, realists. They think they see reality in the most objective way possible and that optimists walk around with pink-pigmented glasses. And since no one can prove one way or the other, both pessimists and optimists continue to exist. Each group continues on with their beliefs – pessimists thinking about how much the world sucks and optimists probably not thinking about this topic much at all.

Because my next theory is that optimists are much better doers. Pessimists are the philosophers because they’re too depressed to actually do anything.

Which one are you? Which one am I?


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