“What a wonderful world.”
Said Louise Armstrong.

Is he naïve.

“The #1 question to ask:
“Is the universe we live in friendly or hostile?
“Your answer determines your destiny.”
Said Albert Einstein.

Is he intuitive.

What is this world?
This horrible place.
Can we measure the good versus the evil?
Can we?

How do we know if it’s good or bad?

“The answers are in you.”
Say They.
“Your key to understanding
the universe…
“Is your soul.”

Says Who?

How do I get my mind out of this horrible place?
I feel like I’m sinking.
I’m scared. I’m scared shitless.

My nightmares…
Sleeping with the light on.
Fear for the evilness that I imagine I know.
I do believe it is there. The evilness of this world that I live in.

I fear to move.
I fear it’s all for nothing.

“Hevel Hevelim,”
said King Solomon.

“Amen to that,”
said Deena.

My sadness written in Vancouver on March 7, 2007.


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