Why does everything look simpler than it really is?

So you take care of the child for a few years and he’s a healthy adult.
So you scream at the judge and win the case.
So you sit down and write that book.
So you practice the piece and then perform it in concert.

Why is it that things are so much more complex and labour-intensive than they seem on the outside? Why is it so hard to explain the complexity of a thing to someone who doesn’t know about that field? Why is it often hard to even explain to someone who is in the field and we just nod at each other knowingly without being able to put it into words?

And why is it that although we all have experience of things being more complex than they seem on the outside, we still don’t get it and we simplify other people’s tasks and lives and challenges? And, strangely, we often simplify our own tasks and challenges too.



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