In the Moment

I stop my thoughts.
Am I in this moment? I ask.

I’m thinking about getting inside quickly. I’m speedily walking, slightly hunched over in the  icy rain, getting colder and wetter by the second.
I’m chilled to the bone.

I am waiting for this moment to be over.

I stand in place.
With the rain pouring down on me.

I ask myself,
What else is going on now besides my chill and wetness?

It smells so fresh and comforting.
The enveloping sounds are calm, like God touching me.

I stand and smell and look and feel in the moment.

And then I continue to walk home. I walk slower, and more softly so as not to disturb the kind rain’s sounds. Feeling less chilled, I hold myself more erect, and I deeply breathe the fresh air, glad for this cold, wet winter’s night.

I wrote this piece March 15, 2007 as part of a creative writing course with the thoughtful and caring writer and teacher Paul Belserene


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