The epiphany to somewhere

You know when you have an epiphany regarding one of the whacked out ways in which you interact with the world? Inevitably, what immediately follows is a deep sense of joy and release. “I’m free!” you think to yourself, simply because you just pinpointed another pattern of yours that causes you unnecessary pain.

When I experienced this elation today, I decided to share it with a friend, lest it get lost in the abyss called my brain. When I did, my friend asked me the question I realized I should be asking myself: “So what are you going to do with it?”

Hmmm. Good question.


  1. I am going to feel happy and grateful about it. Done.
  2. I am going to share it with a friend. Done.
  3. I am going to write a blog post about it…working on it people! No pressure.

I feel good. I feel great. I feel wonderful.

Ok. And now?

I hadn’t thought beyond those initial actions and I think I know why. I was feeling so much lighter that, despite past experiences, I assumed the change had happened and I was ready to move on.

Yes, a change has happened; experiencing an understanding of self so clearly is a huge step forward. Yay me. But part of why it’s so important not to miss that step of internalizing the experience is because otherwise it will turn into yet another fleeting moment instead of the life-altering one it has the potential to be. Only if you take the epiphany and decide you want to work on self improving that aspect of yourself will you start down the road of long term change in attitudes, interactions and decisions.

I must confess: I imagine myself a miraculously changed person often.

Thinking my life is changed following an epiphany is like when I think I’ve changed my eating habits (yeah right, chomp chomp) by making decisions about them while fasting. Or when I think I’m now going to be nicer to my mother because one day I actually am nicer. On a day, by the way, that I happen to be in a particularly good mood (Hi mom!).

So yes, celebrate your epiphany. Just don’t forget that the next step is to ask, “What do I want to do with it?”

Wait! Did I just have another epiphany?

Eureka, readers. Eureka.

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