The importance of including a link and direct reference to embeds in your blog posts

In both and it’s relatively easy to allow readers to receive new blog posts to their email. It’s also ridiculously easy (not relatively, just ridiculously) to embed many types of media in your WordPress sites.

This ease is causing me to make a recurring mistake about which I keep smacking myself on the forehead; I embed YouTube videos without directly referencing them and linking to them.

See? I just did it. The problem is that embeds don’t work in email. And so those of you reading this in your email don’t even know that you just missed out on watching The Doobie Brothers sing Listen to the music. Sorry. (Here is the link.)

Here is how one should do it:

I’m first writing some natural text leading up to the embed (which doesn’t only have to be video). And when I’m about ready to insert the video, before it, maybe in brackets, I just write: (watch Gone till November by Wyclef Jean)

There ya go.

And just one more little linking tip. If the link is an external one – not to another item in your own website, set it to open in a new tab.

Happy embedding!


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