Skipping (down the street) is the sport of the future

Imagine skipping…

Wait, not this kind (though it’s awesome):

This kind:


Now let’s say someone were to ask you the following question:

Which exercise do you think triggers more endorphin secretion (a “happy hormone), skipping or jogging?

What would your guess be?

Now imagine if skipping became a conventional sport (for adults) like jogging. Imagine if the streets, instead of being full of runners, was full of skippers. If that doesn’t bring a smile to your face…

I am more often compelled to break into a skip than a jog (though that definitely happens too) and I wonder if that’s because skipping is such a happy activity.

And so as your friendly blogger, I’d like to recommend that you add some skipping into your life today.

Have a skippy day!

photo source


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