Sweet techina with fruit dessert

I realized yesterday that this is basically techina fondu. I’m so into it right now that I am eating it not only for dessert; it’s also amazing as a snack (and a main course and a midnight snack – oh, that’s a snack).

Please be warned: Dates with this techina is heaven. Especially the only partially dried dates.


  • Techina/Tahini  golmit (crushed sesame seed paste without any additives) – preferably from whole sesame seeds
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon – optional
  • Lemon juice – optional
  • Fruit, particularly dates


  • Mix techina and honey.
  • Mix in cinnamon and/or lemon juice as you’d like.
  • Flavour according to your preference.
  • Prepare whatever fruit you want on a plate. I recommend apples, oranges, bananas and dates. Give each person a teaspoon to cover the fruit pieces with the techina.

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