My week-long experiment – enjoying other’s creativity and successes

Two days ago, on my birthday, I began an experiment where, for a week, I am forcing myself to do what I think I should be doing (instead of making excuses to myself).

Just now I was looking through my Facebook newsfeed and when I came across a photo album by my friend Christina, I scrolled right by because I love looking at her photography. Yes, that’s why I didn’t want to look at her photos. Because she’s so talented and I’m scared about my future and thinking about what a great photographer she is made me question if I’ll ever be able to be successful in my own life.

I admit that’s what happened and yes, it’s quite embarrassing.

And then I stopped myself. I realized that I always love looking at her pictures and that right then what I needed to do was look at her album.

So I scrolled back up and looked at her beautiful album of British Columbia over the weekend.

Here is my favourite photo:

ducks from above by christina

It’s amazing how my fears can have me making ridiculous subconscious decisions. But I know where that instinct comes from. The same way that I fear that my creative source is finite, I also fear that the space for amazing creativity and the appreciation of that creativity is finite. Oh fear, you’re so paralyzing. This may have only been a Facebook experience, but it was a liberating one.


7 thoughts on “My week-long experiment – enjoying other’s creativity and successes

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  1. Wow! That is a totally amazing photo! Your friend really is talented . I also love that you took out time to celebrate her! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the link. I haven’t been to Jerusalem yet though my mum is a JP. Can’t wait to visit and blog about it too. Enjoy…

        1. I am Christian and more interestingly, my mum is Muslim. I take it you are Jewish? Been reading your posts about Yum Kippor and I’m learning a lot. There’s a rabbi called Daniel Lapin who has a radio show and teaches on finances. I like him. Will keep reading and asking you questions if that’s ok.

  2. Wow, that is really interesting. Do you live in specifically Christian or Muslim community?

    I never heard of this rabbi. Just looked him up and he’s quite cool. I was hesitant when you said it’s a rabbi talking about finances but he’s right that money is spiritual.

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