WordPress.com, I don’t like this page after publishing!

OK, I can’t hold myself back any longer. I love WordPress and use it for all my blogging needs, but I don’t like the relatively new feature whereby after you publish your new blog post, instead of being taken back to the editor, you are taken to a page that looks like this:

Why don’t I like this page? Well, most importantly, I don’t like it because 99% of the time I must go back into the editor to make some final changes to my post. So that means you are taking me away from where I need to be.

I also don’t like it because you’re trying to motivate me with your “goals” talk but it’s BS because you don’t know my goals and you’re a machine. Seriously!

Finally, you’re offering me all these options I don’t need. I suppose the share buttons are a nice touch, and maybe you can integrate them into the regular editor page once a piece is published, but I could add tags when I’m in the editor, which is where I’d really love to be right after I publish a post. I don’t need a special page for that.

So, please, when you next upgrade wp.com, please get rid of this feature!

One of your biggest fans


2 thoughts on “WordPress.com, I don’t like this page after publishing!

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    1. Oh joy! Thanks Nick. I was wondering if this was a setting one could turn off! Didn’t know what it was called or where it would be found in the settings so I appreciate your assistance.

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