How to disable a Chrome extension… I mean plug-in

It’s a problem… It takes me half an hour every time I want to make changes to addons/plugins/extensions in Chrome. Last time I needed to make this kind of change, I discovered that my problem was with the lingo. I didn’t realize that there are extensions and plug-ins. I’d go to my extensions page but not be able to find the functionality I was looking for. This is what I’d see:

This is the page I get to when I go to the Wrench > Tools > Extensions. There are also other ways to get there.

If you’re having the same problem – that you’re looking for a certain functionality but you can’t find it, you probably also need to find your well-hidden plug-ins page. This is how you get there:

Wrench (top right-hand corner) > Options > Under the Hood > Content Settings… > Disable individual plug-ins…

Talk about confusing. But there it is. Here you can disable/enable whatever plug-ins you want.

I don’t get the difference between plugins and extensions. I mean plug-ins. But at least now I know how to access both.


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