Crazy, ridiculous Israeli commercials

I wonder, is the rest of the world watching these embarrassing (OK, sometimes amusing) Israeli commercials? Israeli TV usually goes between one and 100 steps beyond my comfort zone. Here are some examples:

Moshe says the f word?! (GPS commercial)

Charedim dancing about HD TV

I assume this is offensive to ultra-Orthodox Jews. At least there are no women in this one! That practically makes it kosher! Honestly, this one is sort of cute.

Hippie runs fellow hippie over?

I don’t really get this one. Such silliness.

McDonald’s commercial

Meh. This one is not so great and not so terrible. They don’t even show the cheese on the burger so it’s practically kosher too!

Ministry of Tourism advertises Israel

Any of us who live in Israel know how totally honest and realistic this ad is for Israel. Uhu.

Water and capoeira

This one is actually artistic. Very nice.


This one is disgusting.

Nerdy suave man choking on an olive for Tnuva

So, are Israeli commercials worse than the others you’ve seen? Should we be embarrassed or proud?

P.S. I already published this post but just found another one that is actually pretty cute. This dude can’t find parking and then figures out the perfect solution (not what I thought!).



4 thoughts on “Crazy, ridiculous Israeli commercials

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  1. RE: Ministry of Tourism advertises Israel

    Any of us who live in Israel know how totally honest and realistic this ad is for Israel. Uhu.

    Someone just showed me that ad earlier tonight, and I found it to be the most patently false advertising I have ever seen. I see it as exemplifying Israeli hutzpah, that they could push such blatant falsehood.

  2. The water one was beautiful, but that backgammon ad? puleeze.

    And while, having been a tourist here many times, I never had people popping up out of every little corner, with a ginormous smile and cheery “Shalom!” I have found people to be exceptionally friendly when it came out that I was a tourist. So I don’t have so a big complaint about the tourism ad. We’re just not like that with *each other* is all :)

    1. Alissa, so nice to know that Israelis are really friendly when they find out you’re a tourist!

      I’m getting rid of my Israeli citizenship. :)

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