Opera in the Park in Tel Aviv!

Last year I went to this. It was Carmen in the park. Although the company was very nice, I found the miles of walking, no normal bathrooms for many, many hours and ladies yelling at the top of their lungs (not to mention, about ridiculous things), not so enjoyable. (The yelling was the actual opera, in case I wasn’t clear.)

Even so, the Tel Aviv annual Opera in the Park is very very popular and you might want to consider doing this, at least as a once in a lifetime experience.

Carmen in the park, Tel Aviv, July 2010 (photo by me)


  1. Bring water.
  2. Bring toilet paper (not that you’ll necessarily find somewhere comfortable to use it).
  3. Plan to spend some money on snacks – it’s the best part of the experience!
  4. Bring earplugs in case you can’t take the opera.
  5. Bring someone to make out with (well, that is what the couple in front of us did).
  6. Don’t read the translation if stupid stories and bad decisions (by the characters) can drive you mad.
  7. Bring a mat/blanket.
  8. Come early-ish.
  9. Don’t sing along with the music.
  10. Guess if I like opera.
And, of course, enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Opera in the Park in Tel Aviv!

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  1. “The yelling was the actual opera” *snort* You’re hilarious. And this was CARMEN! My signature role! Whatevs, I’ll just have to accept that some of my friends remain uncultured. ;)

    But thanks for the info – I didn’t know there was such a thing, so I’m excited to see what’s on tap!

    1. So, is snort one step up from lol? :)

      Uncultured indeed! And proud of it. How people enjoy opera is beyond me. Far far far beyond me!

      Enjoy it if you go and let me know how it is.

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