The new contact form on

I just started using the contact form available on with a click of a button. It’s attractive, unbelievably easy to use and well, supposedly it’s been available for a while and I didn’t even know about it!

Laugh at me if you want but when there is something going on at and I don’t even know about it, it’s disconcerting! I can’t help but wonder, “What else am I missing out on?!”

Until now you had to use shortcode in order to insert this contact form. Are there other funky things you can do on your WP blog if only you know the correct code?


Here is the button you now click to easily insert a contact form into a post or page:

Anyway, so far I’m using the form in three places. On this website for contact, on HaBitza for contact and on HaBitza to ask my dating advice (I might take that down if I don’t feel like giving advice in the end:). Here is what it looks like:


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