Suspicious if people are interested in converting

It’s funny… If someone were to come to a Christian and say, I’d like to get to know Christianity since I’m considering converting to the Christian faith, the believer would be pretty happy to go along with it.

But when a non-Jew says the same to a Jew about converting to Judaism, the natural (or conditioned) response is suspicion.


2 thoughts on “Suspicious if people are interested in converting

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  1. My grandmother decided to become Atheist, raised my mother as an Atheist, and my mother did the same with me. But I do believe in a higher power. I haven’t had the opportunity to become a member of a Synagogue. The only time I’ve ever spent learning about religion was last year when I took a comparative religion and philosophy class. We learned about all the major religions and Judaism is the one that appealed most to me. I liked some things about Christianity, but I just don’t believe in Jesus. I have thought about attending a Synagogue but have been afraid of this suspicion, or discrimination. I’m sure there are lots of people who feel the same way. Religion should be open to all people.

    1. Alicia, thanks for commenting. I think there is definite truth in what you’re saying. I hope you can find a synagogue where you feel comfortable looking more into Judaism and feeling it out. Good luck!

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