I’m a techy person by default and even then not so much.

Here is an example of a Hawaiian geek. See? We don't even look alike! (btw, he really is a geek - check out the original photo.)

I think it’s amusing I feel the need to define where I fit on the oh so important scale of geekiness*. And, honestly, I often feel uncomfortable with my lack of geekiness, aka, my not total excitement when it comes to learning things like HTML and all those other ABC languages. There is something very satisfying to me in knowing quite a bit of technical stuff but when I can get by without knowing something, I am pretty happy.

The thing is that I LOVE to write and I have found that more than any other medium, I enjoy blogs as the perfect place to put my thoughts and ideas down. This, of course, necessitates learning at least a minimal amount of technical stuff.

So, when I’m in a position that I have the opportunity to be taught something, I’m usually happy to learn. And when I need to figure something out for one of my blogs (like mapping which I recently did a couple of times), I feel very satisfied when I succeed. I am also very happy when people ask me technical questions and I know the answers. (When they ask me I like to think it’s because I give off a somewhat geeky (if fake) aura. And when I know the answer, I just feel like the coolest geekette around.)

My point is that there are a lot of things that can be overwhelming about blogging but at least the basics (and some) are totally doable even if you are not in love with computer and internet stuff. If you’re patient with yourself, of course. If you really want to be blogging, just start and slowly learn more and more until one day you’ll find yourself changing font, inserting media and all of this while standing on your head.

* A geek is a computer nerd, or a very techy person, in case you didn’t know. And if you didn’t know, please pretend you did and write a comment telling me how I just wasted 15 seconds of my life writing this * message. Just to be cool.

Photo by madmarv00 on flickr.


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