WordPress.com: When I put up a new post, can the email that goes out be a shortened version of the post?

Question: I’d prefer to send out only the beginning of blog posts so that people have to go to the site to read the post. Otherwise I assume that I’m not generating hits. Unless you know if by opening the email that would count as a hit (that doesn’t make sense though).

Answer: Fuggetaboutit. In WordPress.com, as far as I am aware, there is no such option to specialize the email that goes out. But there is another issue here of wanting to generate traffic and feeling like a reader who only read your stuff in an email is a waste of a reader.

Best to get rid of that way of thinking, IMHO. Think about it. What if you had 1000 people signed up to your blog to receive updates by email? Would that not be awesome? You are not the first to ask this question, of course. There is an ongoing discussion online of, is a reader a worthwhile reader if they don’t click on your blog and my opinion is that yes, they are.

First of all, if you want clicks because you’re hoping to make your millions through your blog, you’ve gotta get rid of those expectations. One has to work LOOOOONG and HAAAAARD to make money from a blog. Right now (and always) you need to focus on writing the blog because you love what you’re writing about and you want to share your thoughts with others who might benefit from it.

And that goal is reached no matter if they read your blog on a bog, in a boat, on an airplane or on a goat.

I know, it still doesn’t feel totally right. I mean, hits is like the online currency. But also think about it this way: Both go up at the same time. If people like your blog, some will sign up for email updates because that is your preference and some will stop by because that is their preference. And, those who are signed up for emails will stop by when they want to comment.

One more thing: Clicks may be gold online but it is ease of use and convenience that keeps people coming back. Make your site annoying to use, people might like the content but will feel like you’re manipulating them in some way. You’ve gotta be nice to your readers. And being nice means creating a place to click when it’s good for them.

A newsletter would be different. If you were to send out a monthly newsletter with the highlights of your blog, then you wouldn’t include everything at once. But for regular blog updates, I think the way WordPress.com currently does it is best.


2 thoughts on “WordPress.com: When I put up a new post, can the email that goes out be a shortened version of the post?

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  1. Thanks for the tips. Believe me I’m not looking to make money, I was thinking it’s more a way to get a feel for how many people are looking at my posts. But then again you’re right, if they’ve signed up for email updates, then they are reading them.

    1. In that case, an email subscription is almost better than a click because you know that the people who are subscribed are interested enough to actually want to “litter” their already annoyingly full inbox with your stuff too! I’m totally serious. Especially when not using anything more hi tech than wordpress.com, an email subscription gives you way more info than a click.

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