Where did the good story disappear to?

It’s so annoying! So often people have this great story they tell someone but when they go to write it for their blog, it disappears into thin air.

OK, first it’s just possible that you’re being over critical of your story/idea once it’s written on the screen. So regarding that, stop.

Otherwise, so often, in writing it just doesn’t come out how you want it to. People often tell me that my writing feels like I’m talking to them. I think it might be helpful to try to write that way too. I know not everyone has to write in my style but I am a blog freak and I think that is part of what makes me such a blogger – I write like I talk.

When you tell someone an idea or story, do you give a whole minute of intro first? Well, hopefully not if you want them to pay attention. Same here. See what happens if you just imagine you’re telling someone the idea/story. It also might just help to pretend you’re emailing instead of blogging because emailing is also more talky because it’s more private.

After you finish the piece, you can look back and make sure it makes sense. Always check for typos and other mistakes!!!!

Did I mention to check for typos? One here and there is OK. Lots is totally unacceptable.


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