Don't agonize.

One of the recurring problems with people trying to blog is taking too long to get the material out there because you’re trying to make it the best piece ever. To prove I think it’s a bad idea, I am not going to spend too long on this post. It might not be written amazingly but it is getting the point of the post across. aka, write and post. Yes, check for typos and grammar mistakes. Make sure it’s a normal level but don’t worry too much about it. It’s only a blog post, not an article in the New Yorker.

yalla bye.

P.S. Of course even if I hurried to get this post out, I didn’t forget to categorize (I even created a new one this time) and to tag. But don’t think too much about those either! And if you decide to add a pic – which of course you often should – if you find it’s taking too long to find an appropriate photo, don’t worry, just post without. At least half of posts should have photos, I’d say, but it isn’t worth spending too much time on it.


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