Adorable office gadgets

Memo block by Kakuzai

Thank you, Jacob, for this very cool list of fun knickknacks to have around your work (or other) space.

My favourites are the bookmark that keeps not only your page but also your line, the “block” of post-it notes and the cup that says “on” when it’s hot.

Here is the blog post from his blog JobMob.


2 thoughts on “Adorable office gadgets

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  1. What Jacob said. That Pac Man stapler had me at “waka” :D

    Also? The isolation chair. I went to a film festival party in DC at some uber-rich peoples’ townhouse. They had isolation couches. The couches could seat 3 people, and had extremely high backs and sides, so you could easily have a private moment. Er, 3-way.

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