All the fun things you can do with a facebook status update

You know how there is a like button under your status update? Now you can add a dislike button or anything else for the matter. You write exactly what you want to show up. It’s a little annoying to use once it’s up (when you click on the app’s button, it takes you to another page – fail!) but it’s so cute the way it looks!

Here is an example:

Mashable made a list of fun things we can do with our status updates on facebook. It really is fun! It includes things like writing in Piratese, scheduling a status update for later and seeing status updates from all over the world (the ones who set their privacy to “all,” of course). If you use fb as much as I do, I’m sure you’ll enjoy seeing the interesting ideas people have come up with.

The second last one is a stats page so you can see how many status updates you’ve put up, how often, what time of day, etc. You can also look up old ones. I’m scared to see these stats since I update my facebook way too often. :/



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