Another one of Dove’s videos fighting the regular beauty industry

This one is pretty touching. This adorable red-head girl versus all those horrible images of people mutilating their bodies in order to be beautiful. Very well done.

I find it interesting that so much of the stuff I find to be “smart,” is commercials. Is that a good/bad/neutral thing?


4 thoughts on “Another one of Dove’s videos fighting the regular beauty industry

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  1. i like it ,in my opinion the best beauty is natural beauty, what you are born with and enhancing what you have in the most natural way possible , i love natural beauty products they give you enhanced beauty without all those pills , plastic surgery and chemicals

    check out my blog it is all about natural beauty

    1. naturalbuzz, natural beauty definitely sounds like a good idea. I suppose it’s a balance of taking care of yourself but not becoming so focused on your looks that the health aspect of “taking care of yourself” disappears.
      Thank you for being the first comment on this new blog of mine! :)

      1. hi Deena
        good posts deserve comments, i actually find it kind of sad that more people don’t post comments , it is the best way to know your blog is being read and appreciated after all of the work we put in .

        i would love for you to come and subscribe to my blog if you are interested in natural beauty ,i haven’t gotten any subscribers yet just views and a couple of comments it would be nice to know i have some regular readers

        hope to see you there

        1. I will check out your blog. But regarding comments, although you are right that it’s a nice thing if people comment, I actually meant that I only launched this site yesterday so you were the first to comment because of that! :)

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