I don’t DO facebook.

No, of course I use facebook! But I’ve heard that line from a few goofballs and I wanted to tell you one of many stories about how facebook has enriched my life:

I read an article a week or two ago about two guys in Quebec who were attacked on the street because they are pro-Israel. One of the interesting parts of the story is that though one of the guys is Israeli, the other, Nick Bergamini, isn’t. Yep, non-Jewish and pro-Israel.

Well, I couldn’t help myself and I looked Nick up. Where did I look him up? On facebook, of course.

I quickly found a photograph of a young man (I knew he’s a student) draped in an Israeli flag. You do not need to be facebook “friends” with someone in order to message them privately so I clicked on, “Send Nick a message” and I wrote:

Hi Nick,

I just read the article in the National Post about the attack against you. Sounds like it was pretty scary. I’m sorry it happened and was happy to read that you are OK, at least physically.

I am so deeply touched that you are so supportive of Israel. I am sitting here in my home in Jerusalem and I read the article to my mother as well. We are both amazed that you are so openly supportive of our dear country. It actually boggles our minds since we are so not used to having steadfast support from the world.

Thank you for being such a good friend. We hope you stay safe.

Be well,

I just received a reply. He said that he’s received a few letters of this kind from Israel and that it means a lot to him.

Facebook is evil? Ha! It is a tool (like our ability to talk, to use our hands, to see or to think) that can be used as you please. It is up to you if it’s good or bad.


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