It had me at, "You might fail."

I’ve been trying to define my problem. What I mean is, from the outside I seem so productive in my writing. I have had people tell me they’re impressed at my amount of out-put. There are ups and downs but really my blogs do seem to get a lot of attention, for the most part, and it’s impressive to people that I’m capable of writing so much.

But it never sits right with me when people say that and I just put my finger on why. I’m getting stuff out there, I’m writing, I’m creating, but I’m not actually focusing my creative energy into the thing(s) I’m most emotionally connected to, the stuff that is my real dreams.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my blogs, I really do. But there are other things that are like my ultimate projects and it pains me when I forsake them.

And why is that? Why is it that I so consistantly abandon my true dream? Oh, it’s so damn obvious. I’m terrified it won’t be good. Creativity had me at, “You might fail.”


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