The most important moment of the week

I heard a talk a while ago around the idea that Judaism is a religion where time is the most important thing. Now someone just told me he heard a talk where the rabbi said that the most important moment of the week is the moment when we go from week day into Shabbat. Our lives, potentially, revolve around that moment. We rush all week, maybe especially right before Shabbat, then we light the candles and *poof*, we’re in a new realm of existence. Not that anything really changed but it did.

When this guy shared that idea with me, I said that it almost made me feel like fully keeping Shabbat again. : ) It seems so powerful, almost like it reminds us that we have the power. We think that life is just pushing us along but we choose to stop it all. Of course we could choose not to and of course some people don’t even feel that they are choosing to keep Shabbat, but if you can feel that you’re choosing to keep it – I mean seriously, you don’t have to, right? – then you can experience freedom through this.

And is freedom not what we all want? True freedom?


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  1. i learned from a friend a habit of “taking a deep breath and letting go of the week” just before lighting candles. a yoga breath! it makes a difference. i am not ready to give up everything for a fully observed shabbat but that breath, those candles, blessing my kids and eating with good friends and interesting guests – well, that’s a critical part of my life!

  2. ok, sorry a bit more:

    when we lived in cleveland, the common story heard about jews first moving there was that their rebbe warned them that they would have all kinds of freedom/options and that they would have to choose to be jewish to be jewish – it wouldnt come easily. shabbat is a lot of work but we choose it to the extent we do because it makes a difference.

    see you at shul! :)

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