Eat alone…

I recently went from living totally alone in Vancouver to living with many people in my parents’ home in Jerusalem. You know, when I lived alone, I used to put off meals. I didn’t really want to deal with them.

We’ve always tried to eat together in my family and I think that it is a priority. I remember when we were teenagers, my siblings and I used to try to keep each other company while we were eating. If I was about to have a bite alone, I could call down to my bro, for example, and as long as he was available, he’d come and keep me company, even if he wasn’t eating himself. I remember that meaning a lot to me.

I do see that I eat more when I’m eating with my family – not the best thing – but I still think that it’s better than eating alone. I’m so grateful that I don’t have to eat alone anymore. I also now understand why one of the most important parts of the program L’Chaim where I used to work with Jewish elderly, is the meal.

But why is it so important to us? I mean, isn’t food just nourishing our bodies? Yes, but maybe it’s hard to believe there is importance in nourishing our bodies if we feel alone. Doesn’t seem much meaning in nourishing your body if you don’t have people in your life to give to in one way or another, right?


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  1. How lovely to see a comment from you first of all, secondly your comment about L’Chaim and eating, yes indeed, the most popular and appreciated program of all is our daily lunches that never disappoint.
    Deena we miss you, keep in touch,
    Annica Carlsson, Administrator, L’Chaim Adult Daycentre.

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