Being Jewish is too much work

What an appropriate search for Yom Kippur. Someone googled “being Jewish is too much work” and found Blog Midrash. I’m proud that Blog Midrash came up in that search. Funny.

But it’s a good question. Is being Jewish too much work?


2 thoughts on “Being Jewish is too much work

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  1. It would depend on how you define “work” here. If struggling with Jewish laws is work, then “heck, yeah, being Jewish is too much work”!

    Actually, I think anyone who is struggling with one’s identity, be that Jewish, Muslim, and etc., will think that being that which he or she is struggling with the most is a lot of work.

    1. Jewess, it’s very interesting what you’re saying! I’m not sure I agree, though. I don’t think that everything people struggle with will definitely include a “hard work” component. Though I’m thinking that maybe, when someone is being something they aren’t sure they are, then that thing they are being will be very strenuous for them. But there still is a differentiation, I’d think, between something that really is, in fact, a substantial amount of work and that which is only subjectively hard.

      OK, but everything is subjective. I dunno! : )

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