The idea of Mashiach never sits right with me

I have never been able to figure out the whole idea of Mashiach (Messiah). It just doesn’t sit well with me at all. Who is this redeemer dude that we’re all waiting for? What is supposed to be so great about the time of Mashiach? I have always felt guilty to admit out loud that I do not hope for the time of the third beit hamikdash (temple). It just sounds stressful and, the worst part, it sounds like we lose our freedom.

People always talk about it like it’s a time when we all feel close to God, want to serve him, serve him with a whole heart, etc. etc. I’m claustrophobic just thinking about it.

How do you understand the whole Mashiach idea?


3 thoughts on “The idea of Mashiach never sits right with me

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  1. Totally hear you. It’s been described to me as a permanent state of shabbat…. I just can’t imagine that nor imagine wanting that. As much as I love shabbat- I love it because one day of the week I get to be in the realm of the non-material and be very ‘spiritual’, but what does this count for if it”s permanent, with no breaks of the shattered earthly world in between. There needs to be a reference point that is this world in order to appreciate and/or know how to function in a more elevated world- the ‘lehavdil bein kodesh le chol- to distinguish between the holy and the mundane. What’s so holy about the world if it’s all holy? No room to grow or refine!

  2. I forgot to say that the idea of a man-redeemer is also slightly irks me. It doesn’t feel so Jewish either.

    Besides the fact that Judaism is supposed to be focused on this world of action, right here and right now, as opposed to being pre-occupied with the world to come.

    Not so into Mashiach.

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