What I love about being Jewish: 5 – by Michael T. Pullen


I am not a person that loves tradition. I have the personality that tends to rail against tradition. Why should I do something just because everyone else is doing it? Traditions should be challenged.

What Judaism has taught me is that tradition has a special place in passing along some of the important actions and interactions of a community.

Here are some of my favorite traditions:

  1. Lighting Shabbat candles, blessings over the wine and Challah
  2. Shabbat without the tethers of work
  3. Food, drink and family with each holiday occasion
  4. Encouraging learning
  5. Practice doing
  6. Focus on the making the mundane holy
  7. Passover dinner
  8. Hannukah stories (Eric Kimmel is my favorite)
  9. Building a Succah
  10. Wearing my Kippah

What are your favorite traditions?


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