I’m taken by fictitious people!

I’m going through such an intense emotional experience and it is all based on a TV show of fictitious characters. I don’t know if I’ve ever had this before and it’s at once fascinating and disturbing! How can I care so deeply about people who are figments of someone else’s imagination? What if I told you I’ve even dreamed about them? I mean, seriously, there is something messed up there, no?

And here is another scary question: Would the intensity of my feelings be stronger if they were actual people going through the exact same experiences? What if somehow it could be proven that the intensity of my emotions is as if the characters are real? Yikes!

I’m really not sure exactly what is going on here and admittedly, it does freak me out a little, feeling so strongly about fictitious characters. But lets try to understand it a bit.

First, I think that my feelings aren’t based exactly on those people’s feelings. I think that my thought process is that what I am seeing in an imaginary setting is, very possibly, happening in real life to someone somewhere. Or, at the very least, has happened or will happen. And the thought of someone really going through that, touches me. I don’t think it would touch me if the show wasn’t based in our shared human experience.

Also, of course, the story lines touch me personally. It brings up feelings that I have about my own life. For example, when I see someone who is perfectly good and lovely, and he is not meeting his soulmate, I commiserate with him.

I don’t know! Maybe those explanations still don’t fully explain the depth of my reaction to the show. Maybe they just did an amazing job – at least in my books – at depicting characters, making me love them, relate to them, even care about them.

I think that it’s important, especially when affected so strongly by something, to be conscious of how it changes you. In this case, one of the most touching things about the show is that the girl, the main character, Jan Di, is so loved and cared-for just because she herself is so good and kind. She is not especially beautiful, she is not from a rich family, and she never changes her very plain style (as opposed to what’s-her-name in Grease) but her friends take pride in having her in their lives. I actually loved that till the very end, even though she’s surrounded by gorgeous, well-dressed people all the time, she doesn’t change in the tiniest bit! What an exciting idea!

This “proves” to me that it really does work to be yourself and just try to be kind and good. She also never worries about making an impression on anyone ever. I love that.

I also am deeply touched by how the guys treat the girls they like. They treat them like gems that should be cared for and treasured. I find it so beautiful. Am I naive? Don’t say yes, I don’t want to hear it. The show has brought out the hopeless romantic side of me. I think the idea of a man taking care of a woman like that is beautiful. Beautiful. I mean, deeply, humanly, touchingly beautiful.

I’m embarrassed to say that watching it has been such an intense experience for me, that I need some time to get over it. My friend who lent it to me had a similar experience. She also says she’s never had such intense conversations about fictional characters so maybe it really is an awesome show. Let me know if you watch it, what you think.

It’s a Korean TV show called Boys Before Flowers. Best to watch it on DVD but I think you can find most of it in 10-minute increments on You Tube. Here is the first part of the first episode with subtitles in English.

One last question: Is the fact that the show makes me see life differently good or bad?


2 thoughts on “I’m taken by fictitious people!

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  1. I agree 100% about how the guys treat the girls! It’s beautiful for sure! I don’t think you’re naive at all…I think society is just so cynical these days. I think it’s also a cultural difference, and dating in Korea is different from here.

    why should the fact the show changed you be a bad thing? Don’t be embarrassed about it. Actually I am a bit embarrassed myself about how I feel about it all, but really (warning – incoming cheesiness here!), the show reveals a world where good triumphs over evil and where people make sincere connections with one another. Suffering is for a purpose and things turn out beautifully for the most part. People who deserve good things get them. It’s how we’d like the world to be, so I think it’s natural to be so touched by it, actually…You’d have to be very cold-hearted not to be!

    And it’s the #1 show in Korea for a reason, so there are millions of other people who are just as crazy as we are…:-)

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