What is the source of their contempt?

I wasn’t sure that “contempt” was the word that fit best to explain Shalom Achshav’s latest actions. So I looked it up and found it to be perfect:

“lack of respect accompanied by a feeling of intense dislike”  (from here)

Shalom Achshav members fighting to get the home of a true Israeli hero destroyed. Golani Brigade Roi Klein died saving his fellow soldiers during the Second Lebanon War in summer 2006 by throwing himself on a grenade. So it’s his wife and two children that will be left homeless. Don’t even get me started. My blood boils every time I think of someone having the ability to go beyond any sensitivity, caring or appreciation.

And I do not want to hear it has to do with the law. It’s more complicated than that.

We need to know what’s going on (please read the jpost article here) and raise awareness by passing the information forward so that hopefully we can stop his wife’s house from being demolished. There was a petition online about this but it seems to have disappeared, not sure why.

Read the Jerusalem Post article about it here.


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