A bar mitzva 77 years late

Over the last few years, I keep hearing about people who have their bar or bat mitzvas once they’re older. Then I hear about people doing it when they’re much older. Today I read an article about a man who just had his bar mitzva at the age of 90.

Why is it so touching to us to see this happen? Is it proof that things we think we missed or lost, are not necessarily out or reach? Do we see that even after tens of years, the majority of your life, living one way, you can choose something else?

At my work with Jewish elderly we’ve lately been thinking about having a group bar/bat mitzva. Like the man in the article, some are hesitant and worried about being put on the spot or having to do things they don’t really know how to do (like read Hebrew), but imagine the gratification of such an accomplishment or even such a decision, at such an age.

*sniff sniff* (Really, btw, you should see me right now. I’m bawling from all the touching things I’ve seen and read this evening.)

Read the article here.


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