You are no longer master of your words once they’re out of your mouth/pen

I just found this blog post. It is my second post ever on It is about how once we let words out, they aren’t ours anymore. It’s actually a really interesting post, if I do say so myself. I wrote it on May 26, 2007. Over two years ago.

We need to put ourselves out there as writers. We need to decide what we want to say, say it to the world and then just hold on for dear life!

There is a very smart saying in Yiddish that goes something like this: “You are the master of your words as long as they are still in your mouth. Once they are out, the other person is the master.”

If taken the wrong way, this idea can be paralyzing. So often our words are taken not how we meant or after we say/write them, we feel regret. Maybe we feel embarrassed by our words and wish we hadn’t said them.

But I think the point is that we are supposed to do our utmost to share with the world the words we think are best and then…. let go. They belong to us no longer. Yes, you might often have opportunities to explain them later but you will never be able to fully take them back and you can never have control over how other people understand and use them.

So we needn’t waste energy on worrying about these things. We need only act scrupulously in what we put out. And then, hold on to your hats!


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