Am I afraid that liking my own work is a kind of arrogance?

Joan is one of my new and faithful readers. :) Anyway, she wrote a comment on one of my posts and I thought it was so great, I asked her if she minded if I put it up as a post of its own. She agreed! Here is what she wrote:

“I totally appreciate what you’re saying about needing to get external validation in order to feel good about what we’re doing. I often wonder what internal work would be required for me to gain personal satisfaction just from the process of writing, instead of waiting anxiously for a pat on the head, and feeling deflated if it doesn’t come. Why is it that I can’t form an opinion of my own work without outside help? Am I afraid that liking my own work is a kind of arrogance? What if I allow myself to feel good about something I’ve written and then someone else tears it to shreds? My ego is fragile enough as it is.

“I also think that writing is a form of communication, and we want it to be a dialogue rather than a soliloquy. I believe that we share our passions with the world to feel more connected with others. What better feeling is there than to discover that your words have inspired someone, or resonated with them deeply, or made them feel less alone? How can we know if we’ve connected if we get no response? It’s like that old adage about the tree: If your words fall in cyberspace and there’s no one there, do they make a sound?”

Uch, such great questions!!!


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