Writing boundaries

I know I’m posting a lot of posts right now on a similar theme but I’ve written about it a lot and it really occupies my writing process so I think it’s important.

Here is a blog post I wrote on December 27, 2008 on deenascreations.com:

How do I write as well as I can while at the same time keeping appropriate boundaries. Of course as a writer, you need to be willing to put yourself out there. But how do you figure out how much to put yourself out there? And how do you know, for example, how something you say will affect how people look at you later on?

Someone recently asked me my opinion on having a blog. He said that because he is an evolving person, he hesitates to write something on his blog today that down the road won’t be him anymore but people will continue to define him in that way because it’s on his blog.

Cat Stevens is someone who evolved, if you can call it that. A supposed peace-loving person, he later became a Moslem anti-Semite.

This is an extreme case but I doubt many people still really define who he is now by who he was in the past. I listen to his music but to me, the person who wrote and performed (actually, still seems to perform sometimes; check out youtube) that music doesn’t exist anymore.

It is definitely not always that simple. I struggle with this I think, literally, all the time. But personally I think a lot of my struggle with this is not actually about this so much as it’s a struggle against my self doubt.

I hesitate sharing my opinion with the world because of the fear I have that it’s not a “good” opinion. Worrying that I don’t have enough information in order to have a legitimate opinion is a big thing for me. Of course this is inhibiting, not necessarily in a good way at all, but it’s hard to get over it.

Another thing that sometimes stops me from expressing my opinions is my worry of the effect it might have. Specifically, if I have an issue with how certain people are acting in the community, I am scared to write about it – even when I would love to and even when I think it’s really, really important – because I am scared of the results.

I wrote a while ago about the poet who writes anything and everything and said she believed it was good to sacrifice anything for “art”. Here I am, today writing about this topic again. As you can see, this doesn’t stop being an issue for me.


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