What if I run out of material?

I wrote the following on March 19, 2009 at deenascreations.com:

I wonder if anyone else has this fear. I am, I think literally terrified, that I am going to run out of stuff to write about. This causes great stress because when I think of an idea, the worst thing, in my mind, is to forget the idea, because who knows if I’ll ever have another one. :) And I also hesitate writing about it, because maybe that will be the last time I have something to write about, so maybe I should push off publishing it.

Yep, that is the craziness going through my head.

I know. I’m driving myself crazy. I’d definitely put this issue in the category of “things I cannot control” which means I should probably let go of the fear and just write and think and write some more and, I guess, worse comes to worst, I’ll just have to find something else to do that I can love as much as writing. :) Simple, right?

It’s really interesting, when you think about it. This is actually a fear of losing something that is dear to me. Hm. Interesting.

Can my fellow writers relate to this? And can others relate to this with the thing they love?


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