Not being able to write about it

You know how there are things that happen that you’d just love to write about but it’s just not appropriate? Here is something I wrote on March 14, 2009 on

How am I supposed to deal with this? I’m a writer. I write about life’s experiences. Today I had a very intense experience and because it was confidential, I can’t write about it. But I feel like I need to. It was important. Very, very important.

I think that it’s always important to remember what the purpose of the writing is. I mean, besides fame and fortune, of course.

The purpose is to make the world a better place. To give positive things to people. And if I have to sacrifice someone else in order to do so, then it’s defeating the purpose.

So, if I’m going to write about this, I need to figure out a way to do it without hurting others. Otherwise, I failed.

P.S. Well, most of the time. I do believe that sometimes we hurt people and that doesn’t necessarily mean that we shouldn’t have done the action.


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