Sleep is a fascinating part of life. It feels so wasteful. We have so little time in this world but when you start calculating how much time could/should/would be put towards sleep, OUCH! Most of us seem to conclude, either consciously or otherwise, that it’s better to sleep less, be a little less healthy, but at least get more awake hours in this world. As my dad always says when he stays up late, “I’m worried I’m going to miss something!” He’s joking. Well, he’s sort of joking. Because really we don’t usually have good reasons to stay up late. Someone might say that they can’t fall asleep earlier but that is only because of bad habit. If that person decided to give a few months of focus to changing their sleep habits, they’d probably be able to go to sleep earlier.

Anyway, we do feel like we’re going to miss out but when you’re walking around sluggish all day, you’re missing out! On days when I feel really rested, I see the benefits of rest so I can go about my day feeling so happy and perky and not feel, the whole time, like I want to go back to bed! :)

So why did God create us this way? As I said in the beginning, it’s a fascinating thing. Of course He could have created us in a way that we don’t need to “waste” time on anything physical, like eating, sleeping, showering (well, who really takes showers, I ask you). I think that having to take care of ourselves physically so much has spiritual benefit. It reminds us to let go. We cannot control everything. We are made by Someone Else, we must function within His rules. Once we’re willing to live within that framework, not fighting against it, we’ll be most productive, creative and happy.

Just a theory.


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