Necessity is the mother of invention

I know I’m not inventing anything spectacularly unique. It’s a blog. There are millions of blogs. But writing can be such a painful process, I need support. And for most of my experiences, I assume that if I’m feeling that way, there are others feeling that way too.

And why specifically non-fiction? Because it’s very different from fiction. Many similarities in the painful creation process but also many stark contrasts. A creative writing teacher I once had said that all writing is fictitious. It’s impossible to be 100% objective so even when we think we’re writing about reality, we’re writing about it from our own perspective.

Even so, trying to write about literal reality – if it’s things we see, hear, read about or think or feel – it brings different challenges than writing fiction.

What I’m imagining happening here is that I will, from now on, not only write about whatever it is I want to write about, but I will also write about the process of writing about that, right here on Non-fiction Writers.

Should be interesting… I think. Maybe. :)


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