It's true! At least for a moment

The idea mentioned in the book The War of Art is that if you do what you need to do – which is write – then the Muse or the gods or whatever, will come to support you.

I think I just experienced that! I just wrote this looooong blog post which I put off for a few hours because it was daunting. But you know what happened? Once I finally got myself to start writing it, after a certain point in the post, my writing, somehow, majorly improved. If you read the post, I believe it’s split into two. The first part is sort of choppy and the second part is really nice and flowly. At least that is how it comes across to me. Maybe I should just keep the second part and throw out the beginning. : ) But I cannot because the beginning has very important ideas.

Anyway, that was a very exciting experience for me because it sort of means that I’m capable and it’s possible. What? I don’t know. But I must go to sleep.


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