I have been so tortured!

Can I be so self-centred as to suggest that procrastination, more than anything, is an artist thing? I know that we procrastinate washing the dishes (and the washroom) and filing our bills (thank God for paperless billing), but there is something uniquely painful about pushing off the writing (or other art) process.

Every day I have this feeling, gnawing at me, telling me I’m missing the boat. Day after day I’m missing the boat. And tomorrow I wonder, if I’ve already missed the boat, then what’s the use today?

The last few weeks (months?) have been terrible for me in this regard. I have so many blocks towards my writing – my insecurities are probably mainly the problem – that I’m not writing even though I want to be.

It’s not only insecurities, by the way. I’ve been feeling really tired (the last week I can blame it on jetlag) and, how many times do I sit down and try to write and suddenly I don’t have anything to write?!

Anyway, that’s my first venting for the site. Stay tuned for more of this fascinating material!


2 thoughts on “I have been so tortured!

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    1. Wow, Mike, you just made my day! I seriously created this blog a few minutes ago (am currently working on my third post) and already a comment from you! Yay! I hope you’ll check back to see what’s up at non-fiction writers. :)

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