Fear the inspiration will never come again

You’re walking down the street. Suddenly you get an awesome idea for a blog post (or an article or a 1000-page novel). Fear quickly follows.

Oh my God! I better write it down, and quick! I might forget it. And who knows, it might be my last awesome idea ever.

It is possible that you will never ever have another cool idea, right? It’s entirely possible that, even though, for years, you’ve been coming up with things to write about, from now on, you will go around being known as Mr. Boring. True?

Ridiculous! I know I keep writing about my thoughts that are crazy but I know that they are really human and I know, from talking to people, that I’m not the only one who puts myself through these things. Other people put me through it too! Joking. :)

Anyway, we fear the loss of an idea. Yes, there is the fact that we specifically love that idea, but it is also due to the fact that we question if, in general, we are good “idea people.”

The creative writing teacher I mentioned already, said that we need to try to let go of that idea. Now, I’m reading a great book about all of this called The War of Art (I’m sure to quote it later) and he talks about the Muse and how, if you do your work, in other words, write, then things happen. Inspiration comes to you.

At the same time he does also say that, at least sometimes, he walks around with a voice recorder so he can record ideas that come to him. Not a bad idea. But it needn’t come from a place of fear.

I wonder if that will ever change for me.


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