Honesty and lol

I am very into honesty. I will go to great lengths to make sure what comes out of my mouth is true. It can be stressful and difficult but I really believe in the importance of being honest.

My honesty extends past the words that leave my mouth to those that are expressed through my writing. Lately I’ve spoken to a couple of people about the expression “lol.” It stands for laugh out loud and it’s a great phrase to use in all the internet communication (email, chat and facebooking). I only write it when I did, in fact, laugh out loud. I get the feeling that not everyone takes this phrase as seriously as I do.

Do you use the term losely or only when you really did lol?


5 thoughts on “Honesty and lol

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    1. I think it’s a good choice of words because it really is sort of like the lies are “thrown” at others. It is possible to be extremely honest but it’s not easy, especially if you’re not used to it. And some people think I’m crazy. :) But I believe it’s right. You just also need to know when honesty is not the best policy, for example, if you’re really going to hurt someone’s feelings and there is no positive outcome from it (like telling the bride she doesn’t look pretty).

  1. Honestly, I rarely think about being honest. I try to be straight forward and not beat around the bush. I try to make other people feel comfortable (that is not always what I honestly want to do). I try to remain authentic. However honesty and truth are a little too black and white of words for me. I do not believe that you can be or should be honest all the time. Sometimes your honesty is not what is important. I won’t even touch on truth. Truth is all wound up in perspective.

    And to your original question … I write LOL if I am laughing otherwise I do not bother pretending it was funny.

    Oh and I use “ha” to indicate a sarcastic laugh.

    1. lol :) I actually did lol at the end. :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s interesting to me you feel honesty is too strong a word. I don’t.

      1. So what do you honestly say when your girlfriend says “Do I look fat?”, the bride says “how do I look?”, the thug asks “which way did he go?”, the stranger asks “how are you doing?”. If the answer in each of these cases is, yes, a bit ragged, around the corner and horrible, do you really answer honestly.

        One cannot. Honesty is not always the best policy. Sometimes you have to think of the other person. So for me it is not about being honest. It is about being appropriate and straight forward.

        So when my wife asks me “Do I look fat in this?,” I do not answer that question. I may say you look good or I do not like it or do you not feel comfortable in it? But, if I answer Yes I am in trouble and if I answer No I am in trouble. So honesty is not necessarily the best thing to do.

        So it is not too strong a word, I just do not believe you can be honest all the time. Therefore, I do not try that word on in my life.

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