What I love most about being Jewish: #5, 4, 3… (in the countdown)

Sorry I’ve fallen behind. So much has been going on. But I haven’t forgotten about Blog Midrash nor about the countdown. I’ve gotten some great ideas from people over the last week or so and so, my next three are:

5: We aren’t easily defined. It keeps some of the mystery, the fact that we aren’t exactly a nation or a religion. I just think that’s very cool!

4: Friday nights. Now seriously, show me something more beautiful and potentially enjoyable.

3: Arguing Jewish topics and asking questions is not only accepted but considered an integral part of Judaism.

So those are my next three. Still need to choose my number 2 and 1… Oh the committment of choosing a number one. Any other ideas?


2 thoughts on “What I love most about being Jewish: #5, 4, 3… (in the countdown)

Add yours

  1. Well, I know what isn’t a nominee for #1… tacky kippahs. Sequined ones are ugh…but tye dyed hippy kippahs? Vey. Nasty even. Also, I know you did food, but Sufganiot needs a category all to itself.

    1. Elizabeth, so true! Next we should have a countdown of things we hate most and teepee kippas (that is what we call those plastic things that practically hover over the man’s head) will be number one! :)

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