Weird goes with talent

Maybe it’s partially a self-fulfilling prophecy but I do believe that, for the most part, it’s quite clear that the more talented you are, the weirder you are. Geniuses are usually at least a little awkward, if not totally socially inept. The most famous composers almost always led strange, and at least somewhat immoral, lives.

Michael Jackson was no different. It’s almost like we have a theoretical choice between having weirdos and unbelievable talent that touches our souls in ways nothing else does, or neither.

When I watch Michael sing and dance, it’s 100% apparent that he was of extreme talent. The way he moved was so unique. The way he sang, the same! His sense of music and rhythm was extraordinary. And he performed with such fervor and passion.

Watch the “We are the world” video here.

Here’s another one of his performances. Amazing. Man in the mirror


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  1. Weird is an interesting selection of word. Seth Godin the marketing guy uses the term “Purple Cow.” While driving down the roads past many farms you may see many cows. But if you see a purple cow it would be enough to stop and take a look. This purple cow is remarkable in the true sense of the word. You will then tell everyone about the purple cow.

    At some level I believe this is what happen with Michael Jackson. The Jacksons were always a little different. They do not mind being different. They were talented and attracted attention. Enough attention that everyone wanted to talk about and see Michael Jackson. Not only was he a good performer, he was always remarkable (weird) in whatever he did.

    No matter how good you are at something, if you are not remarkable you do not get noticed or keep the attention if you are noticed. Be weird. Be remarkable in whatever you do. That seems to be my lesson on this.

  2. Michael Jackson was a confirmed pedophile, who destroyed children’s lives and then paid their families off, so that he should not go to prison.

    Genius and eccentricity are totally different than evil and exploitation, and never the twain shall meet.

  3. mtp, I think you’re bunching two different things into one. To be exceptional in your craft is the purple cow but that is different than being weird – or possibly immoral – in your persona. I’m saying that these two things seem to natural go together but theoretically, if I am wrong, then you do not need to be weird as a person in order to be unique as an artist/creator/whatever.

    When the Jacksons were different, they were probably very happy when it was the difference in talent that people spoke about. Did they still like being different when it was about family dynamics?

    Not (the second person to post here), I’m not sure he was a confirmed pedophile but definitely that would take it to a whole other, not acceptable, level.

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